Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    developing a method for assessment of agricultural drought risk    Ph.D    Khalili, Najmeh    
2    Evaluation of different methods of scaling Richards equation in modeling infiltration in non-homogeneous sois at watershed scale            0000-00-00
3    Tracing Sediment Sources In Gholjogh River, Using Rare Elements    M.Sc.    ghadimi, ali asghar    0000-00-00
4    Scaling of water retention curves of dissimilar soils            0000-00-00
5    seepage relation with wetted perimeter in trapezoidal channels    M.Sc.    shiri secorcan, behzad    0000-00-00
6    Scaling of Richards’ Equation to Gain Generalized Solutions for Dissimilar Soils    Ph.D    Sadeghi, Seyyed Morteza    2010-05-22
7    A linear relationship for the plant reference evapotranspiration using daily data and two different methods, Gamma test and principal component analysis    M.Sc.    sh, no    2010-09-23
8    Estimating Transmission Losses and Flow Routing in Ephemeral Rivers of Arid Regions considering Unsaturated Flow    Ph.D    ,    2010-11-15
9    Simulating water infiltration in the soil with HYDRUS-1D _ A case of study in Jovain plain    M.Sc.    mt, ma    2010-11-22
10    Regional frequency analysis and spatio-temporal pattern Characterization of precipitation extremes using l-moments, Case study: Khorasan Razavi Province    M.Sc.    shahedi, mehri    2010-12-22
11    Estimation of mean daily relative humidity model for 12 months in several climate zons    M.Sc.    farzandi, mahbobeh    2011-04-09
12    An Optimization Procedure For Error Minimization In Water Balance Equation    M.Sc.    daneshvar, amin    2011-06-19
13    Areal precipitation and temprature estimating by Genetic algorithm ,Fuzzy theory ,Kriging and compare with several methods.    M.Sc.    seyyednejad, nafiseh    2011-07-23
14    study on wheat canopy microclimate in different water regime conditions and evaluation of crop water stress index    M.Sc.    farzane, mahmoodreza    2011-08-27
15    Estimation of water infiltration rate in soil by some emprical models and shape parameters of soil retention curve    M.Sc.    fakouri, toktam    2011-09-22
16    Evaluation of salinity and sodicity effects of irrigation water on unsaturated soil hydraulic conductivity    M.Sc.    khazaei, sahar    2011-09-22
17    Determination of soil Hydraulic Conductivity and Diffusivity with out flow method by Pressure Plates    M.Sc.    sadeghzade, fateme    2011-11-05
18    Modeling the effects of salinity stress and deficit irrigation on the growth process of two cultivars of canola    Ph.D    yazdani, vahid    2011-12-31
19    Conceptual Modeling of Water Balance in River Basin Scale    M.Sc.    Ghallehban Tekmedash, Milad    2011-12-31
20    Effect of geological characteristics on water quality for regional analysis of extreme events.    M.Sc.    taherpour, tayebeh    2012-01-28
21    ‍Parameters Calibration and Uncertainty analysis of SWAP agrohydrologial model and its influence on irrigation scheduling at farm level    Ph.D    Shafiei, Mojtaba    2012-01-28
22    Assessment of the AquaCrop model for Full and Deficit Irrigated soybean    M.Sc.    Hemmati Rad, Mahmoud    2012-02-08
23    Evaluation of water table fluctuations and drainage discharge of bi-level drainage system in a layered soil    M.Sc.    maddah zade yazdi, seyyed mohammad ali    2012-02-11
24    the distributed water balance models for basin    M.Sc.    razavi kahnamooyi, sayyed sadjad    2012-02-20
25    maximum and minimum monthly temperature modeling of mashhad plain using time series and temperature variations effect study on agricultural water use    M.Sc.    shabani, bahareh    2012-04-21
26    Evaluation of “Experimental Methods in Estimation of Large-Scale Actual Annual Eevapotranspiration” using “Estimated Evapotranspiration from SWAT Model” for Neyshabur Area    M.Sc.    hamidi kariznoee, zahra    2012-04-21
27    Using Fractal Interpolation functions for time series downscling    M.Sc.    validi, nahid    2012-04-26
28    Modeling evaporation - transpiration method using panel data in the semi-arid climate of Mashhad    M.Sc.    nikbakht, nafise    2012-05-26
29    independent estimation of stages evaporation from saline soil.    M.Sc.    selahvarzi, mahdi    2012-06-16
30    Simulating The response genotypes rice to irrigition and stopping irrigation after flowering with use ORYZA 2000 model.    M.Sc.    HOSEINZADEH, ABOUZAR    2012-06-16
31    The Optimization of Multi reservoir Water Resources System Operations Using Multi-objective PSO Algorithm (Case study: Ostoor & Pirtaghi reservoir in Ghezel Ozan Watershed)    M.Sc.    HOJJATI, ALI    2013-01-26
32    Monitoring Hydrologic System of Neishabour Watershed using Remote Sensing Technique    Ph.D    ,    2013-02-13
33    Engineering design of drip irrigation- Maintenance and operation of network of drip irrigation – Evaluation of drip irrigation in parts of Astan -e – Qods Razavi Farms    M.Sc.    ALMEHBASH, MAHMOUD    2013-06-08
34    The effect of deficit- irrigation with saline water, nano particles SiO2 and magnetic field on growth and yield of Fenugreek    Ph.D    Ivani, Reyhaneh    2013-08-12
35    Comparing SEBAL and S-SEBI algorithms for estimation of the evapotranspiration in Neishabovr plain using the MODIS satellite imagery.    M.Sc.    Azad, Mohammad Reza    2013-11-09
36    Prediction of soil hydraulic properties under changing soil compaction    Ph.D    zarrinfar, sajjad    2013-11-12
37    Application of Advanced Statistical Methods in Evaluation and Design of Optimal Network for Groundwater Quality Monitoring (Case Study: Mashhad Aquifer)    Ph.D    Akbarzadeh, Moslem    2013-11-12
38    Spatial and temporal downscaling of MODIS based-Actual ET via Landsat 8 Using Regression, Substraction Methods and Different Scaling Factors    Ph.D    mokari, mehdi    2013-11-19
39    Evaluation Performance of Gotvand Irrigation and Drainage Network Using MASSCOTE (Mapping System and Services for Canal Operation Techniques )    M.Sc.    rahmati, sepideh    2013-12-07
40    Evaluation of TiO2 nanoparticle transport in unsaturated soils    Ph.D    omidi, samira    2013-12-15
41    providing an applied guideline for groundwater quality monitoring for neyshabur watershed    M.Sc.    entezari, farid    2013-12-28
42    Spatio - Temporal analysis of temperature, precipitation and evapotranspiration based on the hybrid method of the similarity algorithm, four-dimensional matrix and Geostatistics using remote sensing and Dynamic Downscaling data    Ph.D    SIABI, NEGAR    2013-12-29
43    Optimization of leaching under different scenarios of irrigation management with salin water in order to achieve the maximum net profit and the minimum leaching    Ph.D    Mohammadi, Masoud    2014-01-01
44    Prediction of annual evporation change in dry region watersheds using the aridity index (Case study of Neishaboor watershed)    Ph.D    Mianabadi, Ameneh    2014-01-18
45    Development of a Regional Weather Generator Using Panel Data Technique    Ph.D    shirazi, pooya    2014-01-28
46    experimental simulation of Estimate the transmission losses in ephemeral stream    M.Sc.    jafari, parvin    2014-02-22
47    Study of the chaotic behavior of evapotranspiration reference as a function of nonlinear dynamics of meteorological parameters    Ph.D    Eslami, Amir    2014-03-05
48    Assessment the effect of management and environmental factors and crop indices on wheat Water Productivity (Case study: the upper part of the Karkheh river basin)    Ph.D    Nakhjavanimoghaddam, Mehdi    2014-03-08
49    Uncertainty Analysis and Parameters Estimation of Rainfall Runoff Modelling Using Markov Chain Monte Carlo Method    Ph.D    nourali, mahrouz    2014-03-09
50    Uncertainty Assessment of Groundwater Flow Modelling by Using Generalized Likelihood Uncertainty Estimation Method (Case Study: Bojnourd Plain)    M.Sc.    Abedini, Maryam    2014-04-26
51    The Evaluating of the possibility of replacing Cprecip parameter with SWE using Artifical Nerual Networks(ANNs) in order to predicting daily river flow discharge (Case Study : Talar River in Mazandaran province)    M.Sc.    MOHAMMADI, ZEINAB    2014-04-26
52    Modeling Electrical Conductivity (EC) of Groundwater using MT3DMS ( Case study : Bojnourd plain )    M.Sc.    Kheirandish, Mahsa    2014-05-24
53    Fractal analysis of temperature time series    M.Sc.    tajabadi, shima    2014-06-21
54    Drought Analysis by Application of Copula    M.Sc.    Ahmadi, Samira    2014-06-21
55    Investigation the effect of aluminum oxide(Al2o3), silica(Sio2) and organic¬matter on soil physical properties    Ph.D    moradi, navazollah    2014-06-22
56    Experimental Study on Self-Burial pipeline with spoiler on the erodible bed.    Ph.D    mehrabadi, jafar    2014-09-06
57    Mashhad Water Supply Reliability Evaluation    Ph.D    Ghandhari, Ahmad    2014-09-13
58    Predicting Areal Distribution of Groundwater Salinity using Artificial Neural Network, Case Study: Mahvelat-Feizabad Plain    M.Sc.    NOORAEI BEIDOKHTI, Alireza    2014-11-10
59    forcasting of dry and wet years by using time series models( case study: south Khorasan province)    M.Sc.    nahasi, mohammad reza    2014-11-22
60    Flood zoning and risk taking analysis in rivers -Case Study: Mashhad plain in watershed of river Kashafrud    Ph.D    azamirad, mahmoud    2014-12-15
61    Development of Water Balance Model in Catchamet scale, its Calibration and Uncertainty Assessment    Ph.D    emamifar, saeed    2014-12-16
62    Evaluation and Optimization of Raingauge Network Using Probability Kriging (Case Study: Khorasan)    M.Sc.    ramezanifar, mohammad    2014-12-20
63    Assessment of climate change and impacts on production and trade virtual water pistachio (Case Study: Kerman and khorasan razavi province)    Ph.D    Gholamhossein pourjafari nejad, Abolfazl    2014-12-24
64    Evaluation and Comparison of Spatio-Temporal Methods for Drought Monitoring in Norh-East of Iran    Ph.D    Sameti, Mahsa    2015-01-18
65    Scaling of border irrigation for dissimilar soils    Ph.D    chari, mohammad mahdi    2015-04-22
66    The use of satellites rainfall data and rainfall estimation remote sensing models for runoff estimation and evaluation of Rainfall-runoff model sensitivity to precipitation data with different resolution    Ph.D    zangeneh, Mohammadreza    2015-06-24
67    Measured, simulated and comporison of soil wetting patterns under surface drip irrigation, subsurface drip irrigation and subsurface clay pipe irrigation by hydrus-2D model    M.Sc.    birjand moshiri, vahid    2015-07-04
68    Assessment of flow estimation methods with a return period of 25 years for determining the bed and territory of river in semi-arid zones (Part of Kashafrud)    M.Sc.    Babakhani, Samira    2015-09-06
69    Model and parameter uncertainty analysis in modeling saltwater intrusion into aquifers in the vicinity of deserts using a hybrid method    Ph.D    yousefi, ali    2015-09-22
70    Derivation and Analysis of water demand management strategies from the perspective of consumer and Authorities    Ph.D    hatami yazd, aboozar    2015-10-03
71    fuzzy rule-based model for infiltration in layered soil    Ph.D    khorami, marzieh    2015-10-25
72    Estimates of probable maximum precipitation for 24 hours duration with statistical and synoptical methods in Kermanshah province    M.Sc.    Ameri, Athena    2015-10-31
73    Determination of the disturbtion of water surface suspended construction in a dam reservoir and zoning it using Remote sensing image    Ph.D    Hadian, Mohammad    2015-11-21
74    Determine the amount of interception in different stages of plant growth and its impact on water requirement of sugar beet in Mashhad    M.Sc.    rajabi asad abadi, somayeh    2015-12-26
75    Optimization of chlorine application in water distribution system by using Genetic Algorithm with regard to passive defense strategy (case study: I1 area of Mashhad city)    Ph.D    nouri mohammadieh, majid    2016-01-22
76    Effect of lateral spacing in drip irrigation and amont of water on water productivity of wheat    Ph.D    Afshar, Hadi    2016-03-08
77    Regional frequency of hydrologic droughts based on Copula functions    Ph.D    farsadnia, farhad    2016-03-09
78    : Flood hazard assessment using remote sensing and Fuzzy-AHP modeling: A case study of Zoshk river    Ph.D    shamkoueyan, homeyra    2016-05-09
79    Joint Use of Rainfall Ground Station Data with TRMM Data to Generate Rainfall IDF Estimates in Khorasan Razavi Province    M.Sc.    rahimi sebdani, javad    2016-06-11
80    Analysing and Assessing the Possible Economic and Environmental Effects of Inter-Basin Water Transfer from Karun to Zayanderood (Case Study: Behesht Abad Water Transfer Project)    Ph.D    Hayatgheibi Boldaji, Fateme    2016-06-11
81    Sensitivity analysis of reference evapotranspiration for current models using Monte-Carlo simulation in Iran.    M.Sc.    chekave, safiyeh    2016-10-08
82    The new approach Approximate Solutions to Richards’ Equation for Soil Water Infiltration Using Scaling and Experimental models    M.Sc.    ghoochanian, marjan    2016-10-08
83    The Hybrid EM and evolutionary algorithms for estimating and analyzing missing data in meteorology Case study: 130-years monthly precipitation and temperature of five stations in Iran.    Ph.D    farzandi, mahbobeh    2016-11-02
84    Estimate soil moisture profile    M.Sc.    feily, yalda    2016-11-12
85    Evaluation of Nano material effects on shear strength of earth dam coating in over flow condition    Ph.D    kahkesh, Ismaeil    2017-06-20
86    Developing physical soil unsaturated hydraulic conductivity model by considering water vapor diffusivity    Ph.D    Modaresi rad, Arash    2017-06-21