Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    developing a method for assessment of agricultural drought risk    Ph.D    Khalili, Najmeh    
2    Evaluation of different methods of scaling Richards equation in modeling infiltration in non-homogeneous sois at watershed scale            0000-00-00
3    Tracing Sediment Sources In Gholjogh River, Using Rare Elements    M.Sc.    ghadimi, ali asghar    0000-00-00
4    Scaling of water retention curves of dissimilar soils            0000-00-00
5    seepage relation with wetted perimeter in trapezoidal channels    M.Sc.    shiri secorcan, behzad    0000-00-00
6    Investigating and verifying the use of the best public permeation relation in soils with different texture            0000-00-00
7    Scaling of Richards’ Equation to Gain Generalized Solutions for Dissimilar Soils    Ph.D    Sadeghi, Seyyed Morteza    2010-05-22
8    A linear relationship for the plant reference evapotranspiration using daily data and two different methods, Gamma test and principal component analysis    M.Sc.    sh, no    2010-09-23
9    Estimating Transmission Losses and Flow Routing in Ephemeral Rivers of Arid Regions considering Unsaturated Flow    Ph.D    ,    2010-11-15
10    Simulating water infiltration in the soil with HYDRUS-1D _ A case of study in Jovain plain    M.Sc.    mt, ma    2010-11-22
11    Regional frequency analysis and spatio-temporal pattern Characterization of precipitation extremes using l-moments, Case study: Khorasan Razavi Province    M.Sc.    shahedi, mehri    2010-12-22
12    Estimation of mean daily relative humidity model for 12 months in several climate zons    M.Sc.    farzandi, mahbobeh    2011-04-09
13    An Optimization Procedure For Error Minimization In Water Balance Equation    M.Sc.    daneshvar, amin    2011-06-19
14    Areal precipitation and temprature estimating by Genetic algorithm ,Fuzzy theory ,Kriging and compare with several methods.    M.Sc.    seyyednejad, nafiseh    2011-07-23
15    study on wheat canopy microclimate in different water regime conditions and evaluation of crop water stress index    M.Sc.    farzane, mahmoodreza    2011-08-27
16    Estimation of water infiltration rate in soil by some emprical models and shape parameters of soil retention curve    M.Sc.    fakouri, toktam    2011-09-22
17    Evaluation of salinity and sodicity effects of irrigation water on unsaturated soil hydraulic conductivity    M.Sc.    khazaei, sahar    2011-09-22
18    Determination of soil Hydraulic Conductivity and Diffusivity with out flow method by Pressure Plates    M.Sc.    sadeghzade, fateme    2011-11-05
19    Modeling the effects of salinity stress and deficit irrigation on the growth process of two cultivars of canola    Ph.D    yazdani, vahid    2011-12-31
20    Conceptual Modeling of Water Balance in River Basin Scale    M.Sc.    Ghallehban Tekmedash, Milad    2011-12-31
21    Effect of geological characteristics on water quality for regional analysis of extreme events.    M.Sc.    taherpour, tayebeh    2012-01-28
22    ‍Parameters Calibration and Uncertainty analysis of SWAP agrohydrologial model and its influence on irrigation scheduling at farm level    Ph.D    Shafiei, Mojtaba    2012-01-28
23    Assessment of the AquaCrop model for Full and Deficit Irrigated soybean    M.Sc.    Hemmati Rad, Mahmoud    2012-02-08
24    Evaluation of water table fluctuations and drainage discharge of bi-level drainage system in a layered soil    M.Sc.    maddah zade yazdi, seyyed mohammad ali    2012-02-11
25    the distributed water balance models for basin    M.Sc.    razavi kahnamooyi, sayyed sadjad    2012-02-20
26    maximum and minimum monthly temperature modeling of mashhad plain using time series and temperature variations effect study on agricultural water use    M.Sc.    shabani, bahareh    2012-04-21
27    Evaluation of “Experimental Methods in Estimation of Large-Scale Actual Annual Eevapotranspiration” using “Estimated Evapotranspiration from SWAT Model” for Neyshabur Area    M.Sc.    hamidi kariznoee, zahra    2012-04-21
28    Using Fractal Interpolation functions for time series downscling    M.Sc.    validi, nahid    2012-04-26
29    Modeling evaporation - transpiration method using panel data in the semi-arid climate of Mashhad    M.Sc.    nikbakht, nafise    2012-05-26
30    independent estimation of stages evaporation from saline soil.    M.Sc.    selahvarzi, mahdi    2012-06-16
31    Simulating The response genotypes rice to irrigition and stopping irrigation after flowering with use ORYZA 2000 model.    M.Sc.    HOSEINZADEH, ABOUZAR    2012-06-16
32    The Optimization of Multi reservoir Water Resources System Operations Using Multi-objective PSO Algorithm (Case study: Ostoor & Pirtaghi reservoir in Ghezel Ozan Watershed)    M.Sc.    HOJJATI, ALI    2013-01-26
33    Monitoring Hydrologic System of Neishabour Watershed using Remote Sensing Technique    Ph.D    ,    2013-02-13
34    Engineering design of drip irrigation- Maintenance and operation of network of drip irrigation – Evaluation of drip irrigation in parts of Astan -e – Qods Razavi Farms    M.Sc.    ALMEHBASH, MAHMOUD    2013-06-08
35    The effect of deficit- irrigation with saline water, nano particles SiO2 and magnetic field on growth and yield of Fenugreek    Ph.D    Ivani, Reyhaneh    2013-08-12
36    Comparing SEBAL and S-SEBI algorithms for estimation of the evapotranspiration in Neishabovr plain using the MODIS satellite imagery.    M.Sc.    Azad, Mohammad Reza    2013-11-09
37    Prediction of soil hydraulic properties under changing soil compaction    Ph.D    zarrinfar, sajjad    2013-11-12
38    Application of Advanced Statistical Methods in Evaluation and Design of Optimal Network for Groundwater Quality Monitoring (Case Study: Mashhad Aquifer)    Ph.D    Akbarzadeh, Moslem    2013-11-12
39    Spatial and temporal downscaling of MODIS based-Actual ET via Landsat 8 Using Regression, Substraction Methods and Different Scaling Factors    Ph.D    mokari, mehdi    2013-11-19
40    Evaluation Performance of Gotvand Irrigation and Drainage Network Using MASSCOTE (Mapping System and Services for Canal Operation Techniques )    M.Sc.    rahmati, sepideh    2013-12-07
41    Evaluation of TiO2 nanoparticle transport in unsaturated soils    Ph.D    omidi, samira    2013-12-15
42    providing an applied guideline for groundwater quality monitoring for neyshabur watershed    M.Sc.    entezari, farid    2013-12-28
43    Spatio - Temporal analysis of temperature, precipitation and evapotranspiration based on the hybrid method of the similarity algorithm, four-dimensional matrix and Geostatistics using remote sensing and Dynamic Downscaling data    Ph.D    SIABI, NEGAR    2013-12-29
44    Optimization of leaching under different scenarios of irrigation management with salin water in order to achieve the maximum net profit and the minimum leaching    Ph.D    Mohammadi, Masoud    2014-01-01
45    Prediction of annual evporation change in dry region watersheds using the aridity index (Case study of Neishaboor watershed)    Ph.D    Mianabadi, Ameneh    2014-01-18
46    Development of a Regional Weather Generator Using Panel Data Technique    Ph.D    shirazi, pooya    2014-01-28
47    experimental simulation of Estimate the transmission losses in ephemeral stream    M.Sc.    jafari, parvin    2014-02-22
48    Study of the chaotic behavior of evapotranspiration reference as a function of nonlinear dynamics of meteorological parameters    Ph.D    Eslami, Amir    2014-03-05
49    Assessment the effect of management and environmental factors and crop indices on wheat Water Productivity (Case study: the upper part of the Karkheh river basin)    Ph.D    Nakhjavanimoghaddam, Mehdi    2014-03-08
50    Uncertainty Analysis and Parameters Estimation of Rainfall Runoff Modelling Using Markov Chain Monte Carlo Method    Ph.D    nourali, mahrouz    2014-03-09
51    Uncertainty Assessment of Groundwater Flow Modelling by Using Generalized Likelihood Uncertainty Estimation Method (Case Study: Bojnourd Plain)    M.Sc.    Abedini, Maryam    2014-04-26
52    The Evaluating of the possibility of replacing Cprecip parameter with SWE using Artifical Nerual Networks(ANNs) in order to predicting daily river flow discharge (Case Study : Talar River in Mazandaran province)    M.Sc.    MOHAMMADI, ZEINAB    2014-04-26
53    Modeling Electrical Conductivity (EC) of Groundwater using MT3DMS ( Case study : Bojnourd plain )    M.Sc.    Kheirandish, Mahsa    2014-05-24
54    Fractal analysis of temperature time series    M.Sc.    tajabadi, shima    2014-06-21
55    Drought Analysis by Application of Copula    M.Sc.    Ahmadi, Samira    2014-06-21
56    Investigation the effect of aluminum oxide(Al2o3), silica(Sio2) and organic¬matter on soil physical properties    Ph.D    moradi, navazollah    2014-06-22
57    Experimental Study on Self-Burial pipeline with spoiler on the erodible bed.    Ph.D    mehrabadi, jafar    2014-09-06
58    Mashhad Water Supply Reliability Evaluation    Ph.D    Ghandhari, Ahmad    2014-09-13
59    Predicting Areal Distribution of Groundwater Salinity using Artificial Neural Network, Case Study: Mahvelat-Feizabad Plain    M.Sc.    NOORAEI BEIDOKHTI, Alireza    2014-11-10
60    forcasting of dry and wet years by using time series models( case study: south Khorasan province)    M.Sc.    nahasi, mohammad reza    2014-11-22
61    Flood zoning and risk taking analysis in rivers -Case Study: Mashhad plain in watershed of river Kashafrud    Ph.D    azamirad, mahmoud    2014-12-15
62    Development of a Water Balance Model in Catchamet scale, its Calibration and Uncertainty Assessment    Ph.D    emamifar, saeed    2014-12-16
63    Evaluation and Optimization of Raingauge Network Using Probability Kriging (Case Study: Khorasan)    M.Sc.    ramezanifar, mohammad    2014-12-20
64    Assessment of climate change and impacts on production and trade virtual water pistachio (Case Study: Kerman and khorasan razavi province)    Ph.D    Gholamhossein pourjafari nejad, Abolfazl    2014-12-24
65    Evaluation and Comparison of Spatio-Temporal Methods for Drought Monitoring in Norh-East of Iran    Ph.D    Sameti, Mahsa    2015-01-18
66    Scaling of border irrigation for dissimilar soils    Ph.D    chari, mohammad mahdi    2015-04-22
67    The combind effect of global warming and urban heat island on evapotranspiration for optimal water resources management in mashhad privince    Ph.D    bondar, hossein    2015-05-16
68    The use of satellites rainfall data and rainfall estimation remote sensing models for runoff estimation and evaluation of Rainfall-runoff model sensitivity to precipitation data with different resolution    Ph.D    zangeneh, Mohammadreza    2015-06-24
69    Measured, simulated and comporison of soil wetting patterns under surface drip irrigation, subsurface drip irrigation and subsurface clay pipe irrigation by hydrus-2D model    M.Sc.    birjand moshiri, vahid    2015-07-04
70    Assessment of flow estimation methods with a return period of 25 years for determining the bed and territory of river in semi-arid zones (Part of Kashafrud)    M.Sc.    Babakhani, Samira    2015-09-06
71    Model and parameter uncertainty analysis in modeling saltwater intrusion into aquifers in the vicinity of deserts using a hybrid method    Ph.D    yousefi, ali    2015-09-22
72    Derivation and Analysis of water demand management strategies from the perspective of consumer and Authorities    Ph.D    hatami yazd, aboozar    2015-10-03
73    fuzzy rule-based model for infiltration in layered soil    Ph.D    khorami, marzieh    2015-10-25
74    Estimates of probable maximum precipitation for 24 hours duration with statistical and synoptical methods in Kermanshah province    M.Sc.    Ameri, Athena    2015-10-31
75    Determination of the disturbtion of water surface suspended construction in a dam reservoir and zoning it using Remote sensing image    Ph.D    Hadian, Mohammad    2015-11-21
76    Determination the amount of rain interception in different growth stages of sugar beet and its effect on estimating the water requirement of this plant in Mashhad    M.Sc.    rajabi asad abadi, somayeh    2015-12-26
77    Optimization of chlorine application in water distribution system by using Genetic Algorithm with regard to passive defense strategy (case study: I1 area of Mashhad city)    Ph.D    nouri mohammadieh, majid    2016-01-22
78    Effect of lateral spacing in drip irrigation and amont of water on water productivity of wheat    Ph.D    Afshar, Hadi    2016-03-08
79    Regional frequency of hydrologic droughts based on Copula functions    Ph.D    farsadnia, farhad    2016-03-09
80    : Flood hazard assessment using remote sensing and Fuzzy-AHP modeling: A case study of Zoshk river    Ph.D    shamkoueyan, homeyra    2016-05-09
81    Joint Use of Rainfall Ground Station Data with TRMM Data to Generate Rainfall IDF Estimates in Khorasan Razavi Province    M.Sc.    rahimi sebdani, javad    2016-06-11
82    Analysing and Assessing the Possible Economic and Environmental Effects of Inter-Basin Water Transfer from Karun to Zayanderood (Case Study: Behesht Abad Water Transfer Project)    Ph.D    Hayatgheibi Boldaji, Fateme    2016-06-11
83    Sensitivity analysis of reference evapotranspiration for current models using Monte-Carlo simulation in Iran    M.Sc.    chekave, safiyeh    2016-10-08
84    The new approach Approximate Solutions to Richards’ Equation for Soil Water Infiltration Using Scaling and Experimental models    M.Sc.    ghoochanian, marjan    2016-10-08
85    The Hybrid EM and evolutionary algorithms for estimating and analyzing missing data in meteorology Case study: 130-years monthly precipitation and temperature of five stations in Iran.    Ph.D    farzandi, mahbobeh    2016-11-02
86    Estimate soil moisture profile    M.Sc.    feily, yalda    2016-11-12
87    Evaluation of Nano material effects on shear strength of earth dam coating in over flow condition    Ph.D    kahkesh, Ismaeil    2017-06-20
88    Developing physical soil unsaturated hydraulic conductivity model by considering water vapor diffusivity    Ph.D    Modaresirad, Arash    2017-06-21
89    Understanding the coupled human-water systems in socio-hydrological modelling by developing a conceptual framework at watershed scale    Ph.D    gholizadeh sarabi, shiva    2017-11-08
90    The statistical comparison of rainfall data of IMERG at level three of GPM and 3B42V7 satellites, from TRMM data set with rain recorded at ground stations.    M.Sc.    مشایخی مزار, mina    2017-12-30
91    Optimal allocation of resources with water-energy-food Nexus approach    Ph.D    Mirzaie, Shakiba    2018-01-10
92    A Joint Analysis of Correlation between Evapotranspiration and Precipitation Using Copula Functions    M.Sc.    goli, shaghayegh    2018-01-13